• Analytics

    Advertising campaigns are a key part of virtually any business. You can never do too much advertising; as a simple rule. Promotions is one of the commonly used techniques in order to generate more sales;  many businesses are likely to run multiple marketing campaigns at the same time . Many businesses run campaigns without tracking the results this can drastically decrease the  effectiveness of their promotions & advertisers.

  • HD Photo – Video

    Todays High Definition world, videography services must go beyond what average tv commercials and the ordinary internet can do. Businesses are utilizing video production services to create webmercials, online marketing content, social media, promotional videos,  corporate training, live webcasting and more. These businesses brand themselves and increase sales by embracing new trends in technology.

    HD Photo – Video
  • Radio Advertisement

    Radio can offer a large audience , high targetability at a low cost .When a business combines these strengths with a database to locate the target market , tailor a marketing campaign for that market and uses direct-response advertising techniques increase in response can increase quickly and dramatically .  For many of our clients  radio is the main engine of growth and profitability for a business.

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  • Tv Advertisment

    Television Advertising to Achieve Your Business Goals
    •Provide information on your products and services
    •Promote special offers
    •Announce special events
    •Target messages to specific audiences
    •Increase exposure and brand awareness
    •jump ahead of your competition by operating on a different playing field .

    • easy , effective and affordable .

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  • Social Media

    Communicating through a single media medium alone is often ineffective and response rates can be alarmingly low . By orchestrating new media like Mobile Text, Email, IM, Voice, and Social Media, you can dramatically increase sales, brand awareness, and return on investment. This also has a major effect on your SEO ranking .

    Social Media
  • Website Development

    Our primary focus is to satisfy our clients with quality product, that increase business efficiency and profitability at a price that is lower than the competition . We are take on all types of projects from large IT projects to  small web site design. Our clientele is left with a professional product , marketing services that bring real results at a price that is reasonable . Our high quality services help our customers to achieve their strategic business goals .We offer SEO packages to increase traffic and profits  .

    Website Development
  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the goal of affective website development . Many companies pay extreme amounts of money to boost their search rankings but with Organic SEO you can have it for free. We have found the direct marketing is less then 1/100 as affective as SEO . If a customer is not looking for your product they probably are not going to be that interested in buying it , but a customer that is looking for your product will most likely buy if they find you before they find your competitors .


Website Development

Website Design

Website Development goes hand in hand with SEO to bring you to the front of the competition

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization for your business is the future of marketing that is already  here . Start Benefiting from passive marketing today !

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media for your business works hand and hand with SEO / Web Development and marketing .

Tv Advertisement

Television Advertisement

Tv Advertisement as low as $15 per commercial is an offer almost too good to believe !

Radio Advertisement

Radio Advertisement

Radio Advertisement the good old fashion way with a new technological twist !



Graphic Design

Graphic Design for your business logos , websites , media

HD Video and Photo

HD Video and Photo media for you business

Direct Mass Marketing

Mass Marketing SMS / Email Campaigns

Software Development

Software development that runs alongside your business and with your website !

Application Development

Application Development for smart phones and social media platforms

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning to form a comprehensive plan for your business .

Promotional Products

Promotional products for your small business can improve brand awareness

Event Promotion

Event Promotion and Social Networking for your upcoming plans


AveryMg was easy to work with , knowledgeable and spoke a language I could understand . If it was not for the SEO coupled with the website I may have had to close my doors . The proof was in the Analytics which showed us the massive increase of traffic to our site it was like having an entire marketing department in our back pocket !–Howard Knoll

We have been in business for 20 years and times have been tough . I have turned to many forms of marketing over the years without much success . In a long shot situation we took a chance on Averymg and truly couldn't be happier with the results . I now feel like we have some power over the outcome of our marketing  .–Ray Thompson

I am a 38 year old small business owner in San Diego and during a hard down turn in business I turned to a friend who recommend I look into SEO and Website development . He sent me to Averymg were I found the answer to my struggles . If your a business owner and you think you can ignore the technological revolution taking over marketing you will be history . –Wade Spence